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Although the church building is closed during COVID-19, Grace Children’s Ministry is open! Take a look below for activities, parent resources, and videos.

If you are looking for some resources on how to talk to your child about race/racial inequality, here are a few links to get you started:

Talking to Children About Racial Bias (From the American Academy of Pediatrics)
How to talk to kids about racism: An age by age guide (From
27 Books that talk about racism (From
Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism (From Sesame Street and CNN)
Talking About Race (From the National Museum of African American History & Culture)

These resources are from Orange curriculum, which is what we use for elementary aged children in Upstreet Sunday School:
Why You Need to Talk About Race With Your Kids (Podcast)
Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality (Blog Post)
How To Talk To Kids About The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Blog Post)

Jr. JAM Videos with Ms. Arleen

JAM – Jesus and Me!

See You at VBS!
All Aboard!! We're going on vacation! Vacation Bible School, that is! Tune in with Ms. Arleen to get a sneak preview of what we'll be learning during VBS this summer!
Dance Party!
I hope you have your dancin' shoes on! It's time for a dance party!!
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Join Ms. Arleen this week as she tells us the story about the Lost Sheep!
Sometimes it's hard to trust and obey God. Well, we've got a special guest this week who knows all about that! Everyone, meet Noah!
God’s Directions
Did you know the Bible gives us directions? Join Ms. Arleen this morning as we learn about God's directions for us!
God’s Creation
What is God's favorite creation? Ms. Arleen and Spot have the answer! Join us!

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Moments with Miss Mayce

Watch and listen to some wonderful stories!

God’s Paintbrush
Today Miss Mayce reads "God's Paintbrush" - a book that helps children make meaning of their world and God's presence in it.
All Kinds of Children
Today Miss. Mayce reads the book "All Kinds of Children" - a celebration of ALL children!
The Clumsiest Cowboy
Take a listen as Miss Mayce reads "The Clumsiest Cowboy" - a story about showing compassion!
When God Made You
Grab a seat and listen up for this week's episode of "Moments with Miss Mayce!" Enjoy!
The Marvelous Mustard Seed
This book is about a child who plants a tiny mustard seed in an empty garden. It isn't anything very special--yet...Watch to find out what happens!
Fiona the Hippo
Miss Mayce reads "Fiona the Hippo" in this week's episode!

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Grace UMC believes in faithful ministry for and with children in our church and community! From the nursery up through fifth grade, our Director of Children’s Ministries, Arleen Field, and a huge team of leaders and helpers from the congregation are creating opportunities for age-appropriate faith development. Kids at Grace learn the stories of the Bible and how they matter in everyday life. They serve in mission throughout the community and at the church, and they help to lead worship as acolytes, musicians and readers. Friends and visitors are welcome all the time! Come check out Children’s Ministries at Grace.

Children’s Registration Form

To ensure their health and safety while participating in Grace Children’s Ministries, all children must have an updated Registration Form for each ministry year.  This form provides leaders with important contact, allergy and other medical information.