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The Children’s Ministries team has created some amazing and fun videos to help children (and adults!) learn about God and experience stories from the Bible. Take a look!

Jr. JAM Videos with Ms. Arleen

JAM – Jesus and Me!

Measuring God’s Love
How can we measure God's love? With a measuring cup? How about a tape measure? Maybe a clock? Tune in with Ms. Arleen for Jr. JAM this week and learn just how BIG God's love is for all of us.
Happy Birthday, Church!
Who doesn't love presents?! Join Ms. Arleen for this week's Jr. JAM episode: Happy Birthday, Church! where we'll learn all about the season of Pentecost!
Who's your superhero? Do they wear a mask? Join Ms. Arleen this morning and learn about some different kinds of superheroes!
Parable of the Sower
Did you know that Jesus uses stories in the Bible to teach us how he wants us to live? Join Ms. Arleen this morning for Jr. JAM where she'll be talking about a special kind of farmer!
Lord’s Prayer
Watch Ms. Arleen unpack her SPECIAL BAGS which help us learn all about the Lord's Prayer!
Putting Others First
It's that time of the week again! Enjoy some special story time with Ms. Arleen and Spot and learn the story of the Good Samaritan!

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Moments with Miss Mayce

Watch and listen to some wonderful stories!

Who is My Neighbor?
Miss Mayce will read "Who is My Neighbor?" by Amy Jill-Levine. This story can encourage new ways for us to see our neighbors and ourselves.
God, You are Always with Us
Tune in to hear Miss Mayce read the story, "God, you are always with us."

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