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The Children’s Ministries team has created some amazing and fun videos to help children (and adults!) learn about God and experience stories from the Bible. Take a look!

Jr. JAM Videos with Ms. Arleen

JAM – Jesus and Me!

How Are You Feeling?
Whether you are Happy, Sad, Angry, or Scared, you can always go to God in Prayer. Join Ms. Arleen as she talks with us about the book of Psalms in the Bible - THE GREATEST BOOK ON EARTH!!
How Great is Our God
Join Ms. Arleen and Mr. Steven this morning as they teach us the song, "How Great Is Our God!"
Resurrection Eggs
Join Ms. Arleen as she tells the Easter story through "Resurrection Eggs!"
Spot & Praying
Join Ms. Arleen and her sidekick, Spot, to learn about praying!
Worship Table
Ms. Arleen teaches us all about the Lord's Table and Holy Week!

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Moments with Miss Mayce

Watch and listen to some wonderful stories!

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