Young Adult Ministries

In response to COVID-19, our physical building is closed, but the ministries of Grace are still happening! We invite you to join us for online worship at 9:45am Sunday mornings along with many other “virtual” gatherings we have throughout the week. Please explore our website, visit our Grace Facebook page, or contact our office for more information.
Click here to read an update (dated 6/28/2020) from our Church Council.

Grace’s Young Adult Ministries includes both “YAM” and College Age students. Learn more about each below.

Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) mission statement is to “Provide spiritual guidance and social outreach to young men and women ages 18 – 26 empowering faith advancement and deeper disciple relationships in Jesus Christ.”

YAM meet-up at Jirani Coffeehouse
  • YAM holds meet-ups and Bible studies throughout the month.
  • YAM is for high school grads+ (ages 18-26). We welcome new faces at every meet-up and friends are always welcome – YAM folks do not need to be members of Grace UMC or any church to participate, though we expect everyone to engage in a loving, accepting, and respectful discussion with one another at all times.
  • YAM embarks on an annual weekend retreat.
  • YAM participates in volunteer opportunities within the church and the surrounding community.

College Age

College Care Packages
College Care Packages

Each college student that is a member or adopted member of Grace UMC is important to us.  Many times, our students grow up in youth group and graduate from high school before moving away to attend college. There is NO INTERMISSION in your faith Journey, NO Graduation from GOD. Debbie Cali, our Director of Student Ministries, stays in contact electronically through Facebook, text, and via “snail mail.”

College students – please reach out and let us know where you have landed and give us your current address so that we can send you cards and care packages!  If you are unsure how to reach out, send an email to with the subject line “College” and we will get back to you, asap. 

For more information on either the Young Adult Ministry or College Age Ministry, please contact our Director of Student Ministries, Debbie Cali, at