Pop-Out Church

Pop-Out Church for kids aged 3 yrs old – 5th graders

What is Pop-Out Church?

At Grace, we believe that families should worship together as much as possible on Sunday mornings. Children learn by watching and doing, and worshiping together is a great way to surround them with love and encouragement. But sometimes, the wiggles can set in, and some may have a hard time focusing.

Pop-Out Church is a place to receive the same message in a more manageable size and space. Children will begin worship with their families and “Pop-Out” with our leaders during the sermon where they will receive their own special message. At the end of service, they will return to the sanctuary for pick-up.

Note that Pop-Out Church will not meet on Communion Sundays (1st Sunday of each month) and some special Sundays.

For more information about this event or any events at Grace UMC, please feel free to contact the church office at 703-361-7800 or office@umcgrace.org.