Registration and Parent Info

Registration Information for 2021-2022

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Arrival & Departure

A few notes about dropping off and picking up your child from GCLC:

View Carpool Map

One policy that is changing for this school year is student departure and arrival. We are trying to limit the amount of people crowding in the hallways. We are asking parents/guardians to not enter the classrooms. Teachers and Assistant Teachers will be waiting at the classroom doors to receive your students, and any belongs they might need within the classroom. If parents have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher via email or after school hours as we want to keep traffic flowing.

Before and After Care, infants, toddlers and 2’s Families: These families will enter the building either on the first or lower level to drop of their child(ren). We ask that parents drop their children and belongings off and exit the building without lingering.

Any families that do not fall under before/after care, infants, toddlers or 2’s will need to utilize carpool. We are asking that these families NOT walk into the building. See the Carpool Map for the traffic pattern and where we are unloading and loading students into cars.

If a family has multiple age groups and one of those age groups are either infants, toddlers or 2’s, they may bring both children into the building and drop the younger one off first, and use the hallway to the new fellowship hall to drop off their older child.

We are asking families to utilize the lower-level entrance (entrance by the preschool office) to come into the building if their child is arriving late or leaving early.

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