Ms. Lindsay

My name is Ms. Lindsay. I am the lucky Mom to a daughter who has been attending Grace since she was 18 months old. We love it here so much that when I lost my corporate job due to Covid, this was the only place I could see myself working. Until about 8 years ago, I had been working with children since I can remember. This includes my years as a lead Threes teacher both in Herndon and Alexandria, my three Nanny positions with families I still keep in touch with, and babysitting prior to those jobs.
I have a wonderful husband named Noli and a daughter, Corlia, who still attends Grace. I have two sweet cats named Gemma and Maddie, and 1 WILD puppy named Rocket. We are in our second round of obedience training and hoping to level up to the Service Pet level so we can take him to Assisted Living Homes and Pediatric Centers, as well as join a Read to Dogs program at a local library (Post-Covid).
I was an art major (see, Mom, it came in handy!) and love encouraging creativity, use of imagination, and teaching through art (painting, music, creating stories, dancing, etc.) I look forward to seeing all the fun ways your child grows with us this year. I am also making it a goal to encourage cleanliness and to keep your babies (and mine) as safe as possible.