Susan Bardwell

“Ms. Susan” brings a BA in Early Childhood Education, a MA in Child Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology to her work, as well as over 30+ years’ experience in preschool and early elementary grades. She and her husband Steve live in Stafford, and have one adult son, Brian, and two grandchildren. Her numerous and varied interests include camping, riding four-wheelers, Disney World, gardening, playing Bunco, painting, cooking, working with at-risk children, spending time with family and friends, scrap-booking, reading, boating, swimming or doing anything near and in water, teaching Sunday School and studying architecture and art. Ms. Susan’s door is always open, and she “wants to hear the good, the bad and the ugly” to the end of continuing to build one of the most well-respected preschool ministries in the area.
Fun fact: Ms. Susan loves riding motorcycles and traveling around our beautiful country!