Quilt Project

We, Grace church, are together for good. We have our own plan to create a quilt for the community of our future. Just as a quilt is seamed together to bring warmth, let us use this time to reflect on all the ways God binds our lives “together for good.

— Pastor Janet

Quilt Dream

The Dream:

Living through the year 2020 has been a great ordeal, but as a church we have seen how God has kept us together and working for good the whole time. To commemorate this historic year, and God’s faithfulness, we are making a commemorative quilt including a quilt square for every household who endured this year with Grace! Stay tuned to see the final project in 2021!

Grace quilt from 1896

The Inspiration:

This red and white quilt hangs outside the church office and was created in 1896 by the Ladies’ Aid Society to raise money for missions. After 124 years, it’s time to make another quilt – not as a fundraiser – but as part of our legacy to the church during this difficult year.

The goal for this quilt is to have every household of Grace represented. Please claim your spot by filling out the form linked below and indicate how you would like to be represented on the quilt: