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The Clumsiest Cowboy
Take a listen as Miss Mayce reads "The Clumsiest Cowboy" - a story about showing compassion!
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Join Ms. Arleen this week as she tells us the story about the Lost Sheep!
When God Made You
Grab a seat and listen up for this week's episode of "Moments with Miss Mayce!" Enjoy!
Sometimes it's hard to trust and obey God. Well, we've got a special guest this week who knows all about that! Everyone, meet Noah!
The Marvelous Mustard Seed
This book is about a child who plants a tiny mustard seed in an empty garden. It isn't anything very special--yet...Watch to find out what happens!
God’s Directions
Did you know the Bible gives us directions? Join Ms. Arleen this morning as we learn about God's directions for us!
Fiona the Hippo
Miss Mayce reads "Fiona the Hippo" in this week's episode!
Who is My Neighbor?
Miss Mayce will read "Who is My Neighbor?" by Amy Jill-Levine. This story can encourage new ways for us to see our neighbors and ourselves.
God, You are Always with Us
Tune in to hear Miss Mayce read the story, "God, you are always with us."
God’s Creation
What is God's favorite creation? Ms. Arleen and Spot have the answer! Join us!

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