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Episode 11 – Chris and Grace Comeau
Father and daughter team, Chris and Grace Comeau, present incredible music written by Chris. Chris, who sings and plays the guitar, wrote the first song and co-wrote the second. Grace sings and plays the keyboard.
Episode 10 – Angie Easley
We invite you to revel in the vocal sounds of singer Angie Easley! Angie is the Director of the Choral program at Osbourn HS in Manassas, VA.
Episode 9 – Rev. Milton Rodgers
This Tuneful Tuesdays episode features a performance of what is arguably the most famous organ piece in the world! Enjoy the amazing sounds played by Rev. Milton Rodgers, Minister of Music and Organist at Grace UMC.
Episode 8 – Roy Wulf
Talented seventh grader, Roy Wulf, travels in time on our next Tuneful Tuesdays. Enjoy the talents of this pianist and bagpiper!
Episode 7 – John Risko
Creative artist and troubadour John Risko invites you into his home recording studio this week on Tuneful Tuesdays. Harmonic delight shines through in John’s vocal and instrumental performances which include the Mandolin, Guitar, Harmonica and percussion.
Episode 6 – Erin Klus
Enjoy the melodic sounds of vocalist and pianist Erin Klus this week on Tuneful Tuesdays. Erin’s music ministers hope to our spirit as she performs two contemporary Christian songs: East to West and I Can Only Imagine.
Olympics of Faith – Balance and Cognitive!
All set for some Balance and Cognitive training?! Let's go!
Episode 5 – Dr. Timothy Smith
This Tuneful Tuesdays features the glorious trumpet music of Dr. Timothy Smith. Dr. Smith plays "Ablassen" by Gottfried Reiche, "Sonata in A" by Henry Purcell and his own arrangement of the Marc-Antoine Charpentier Trumpet Prelude from the "Te Deum."
Olympics of Faith – Strength Training!
Time to do some strength training as we continue in our Olympics of Faith series!
Episode 4 – Cana Wade and Bill Schillinger
Father and daughter team Cana Wade and Bill Schillinger share the soothing sound of vocals and guitar music. We hope you will enjoy these calming songs to uplift your spirit!

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