From Age to Age - the Same

Jesus and an Older Adult

September 4, 2022 – Pastor Drew brings today’s message. One of the Bible’s most famous verses, John 3:16, comes in the context of a conversation Jesus had in the middle of the night with an old man wrestling with questions of faith, and doubt. Jesus gave him the gospel. He gives it to us too.

Jesus and a Family of Three

August 28, 2022 – Pastor Drew brings the message this week. In this week’s scripture Jesus interacts with more than one generation, a man born blind, and his parents too. In this story religious leaders inquire “Who sinned, this man or his parents?” Jesus’ response suggests that maybe that’s the wrong question to ask.

Jesus and the Little Children

August 7, 2022 – Pastor Drew reminds us that in Jesus’ love, nobody gets left out. In fact we have stories of Jesus loving people of every generation. This Sunday we notice the love of Jesus for children, and hear the good news that what belongs to Jesus he gives to them, and to us…