Sermons by Rev. Drew Colby (Page 5)

Because of One Man

Sunday, March 1, 2020 – “If we are not careful, we can go to Adam and Eve and Christ looking for 7 easy steps to avoid temptation. We can ask , how do I reach my full potential, resist temptation, and live my best life now? That would be a mistake.”

Joy to the World!

Sunday February 2, 2020 – (Luke 2:22-40) – Listen to Simeon. When he holds Christ in his hands, he holds in his hands the good news of what God has done for him. But in that exact moment something is also done to him.  

The Virtuous Victim

Sunday January 26, 2020 – (Matthew 5:1-12) – If hearing the Beatitudes from the mouth of the Lord leaves you trying to figure out if you’re among those he calls bless-ed. If, like the 10 commandments, you’re scanning the Beatitudes trying to figure out if you’ve made the mark, that’s exactly what you should be…