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Children explore a variety of subjects through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math with hands on experiences. Challenge what you see to determine what you think. Experiment to prove or disprove your hypothesis and use multiple outputs to express your thoughts and findings.
Sign Language
Children attend Sign Language weekly. They learn how to use sign in every day conversation and for special occasions. Engaging our bodies with our language helps reinforce skills and keeps our brain actively engaged, improving our ability to remember and use skills learned. We use stories, music, and games to learn Sign Language.
Music and Movement
Children attend Music classes weekly and develop an awareness of music and how it affects us through exposure to various styles of music and instruments. This exposure helps to instill a love of music and increases cognitive thinking. Children learn to recognize different instruments by sight and sound. The concepts of pitch, beat, rhythm, tone and tempo are also explored. Our Music Specialist helps the children develop an appreciation of music as a source of communication and enjoyment.
Club Tale Time
Here is where stories come to life through activities, creative dramatics, movement and storytelling. Children learn how to apply what we learn in a story and to make connections to our everyday life. Learn what an author, illustrator, publisher and editor do and publish a class story.
Chapel and Jr. JAM
Children attend chapel or Jr. JAM (Jesus and Me) weekly. These include simple Bible stories, dramatic plays, puppet shows, songs, and discussions. Chapel is led by the pastors of Grace UMC and Jr. JAM is led by Arleen Field, Director of Children’s Ministries.

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