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 Title Scripture Reference Speaker
Sunday August 5  Matthew 16:13-20  Rev. Rudy Tucker

"Who do you say that I am?"

Jesus addresses this probing question to his disciples, and Peter gets it right: so right, in fact, that Jesus responds by saying that it will be upon the likes of Peter that Jesus will build his church. A church, built on frail humans like Peter - and us. And with that promise, Jesus hands over great trust and great responsibility to each of us. Upon each of us, Jesus entrusts the fate of his church. We often get it wrong, but by the grace of God, we hope to get it right more often than not.

Sunday July 29  Rev. Denise Childers

[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another gift of the Holy Spirit.]  

Our final fruit of the Holy Spirit -- Kindness.

Sunday July 22 --   --  --

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Sunday July 15  "Faithfulness"

Genesis 12:1-4 

Hebrews 11:1-13

Rev. Rudy Tucker

[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.]  

The verses from hebrews gives meaning to the notion of faithfulness: hope, assurance, confidence. we believe that God is faithful to us; but more than this, God instills in us a faithfulness toward him that enables us to love and serve and grow even deeper in our relationship with God. 

Sunday July 8 "The Wisdom of Horsing Around"

Philippians 4:4-7

Matthew 11:28-30

Rev. Janet Salbert

[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.]  

To be "gentled" means to allow another to lead us, to shape us, to direct us in a way we need to go. Think of wild horses, coming to trust and rely upon a person. This is how Jesus hopes to "gentle" us -- not to make us powerless, but to bring us more fully into being the gentle servants God intends us to be.

Sunday July 1  "Self-Control ... Really?"  2 Timothy 1:1-7  Rev. Rudy Tucker

[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.]  


What did Paul mean when he wished Timothy "self-control?" was it intended to chastise a wayward or impulsive Timothy? And what instruction do these words hold for us; to do it ourselves, to take control?


Probably not. In the context of Paul's letters, we understand Paul's desire for Timothy - and for all of us - to relax into the grace that Christ meant for us when he said, "Abide in me."


Let go. Let God. Amen.



Sunday June 24 "Turning Impatience into I'm Patient  2 Peter 3:9  Rev. Janet salbert


[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.]  


It seems we are always waiting for something. And the more we wait, the more impatient it seems we become. We even wait for God -- to show up, to answer a prayer, to do something. In truth, however, it is God who is waiting, patiently, for us. God never gives up on us, even when we are in a hurry or are too impatient to notice the many ways in which his grace already flows out upon us.

Sunday June 17  "My Peace"  John 14:25-27  Rev. Rudy Tucker


[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.] 


The first word the risen Christ spoke to his disciples was "Peace." Now that's something that too often seems to be in short supply. There is a mystery in how we experience this peace of Christ; and too often, it seems so elusive. The good new is that, despite or headstrong wandering, despite our turning away from God's peace, God keeps showing up, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, keeps extending to us that same peace that Christ offered his disciples. Thanks be to God.

Sunday June 10 "Full" John:15:1-11 Rev. Rudy Tucker

[We continue our Summer Sermon Series,"Farm to Table, Table to Soul," with another fruit of the Holy Spirit.]


Where does joy come from? how do we get it? Keep it? Jesus promises us great joy, and the Holy Spirit provides.

Sunday June 3 "Just a Little Bit of Love"

Galatians 5:22-23

Ephesians 4:2-3

Rev. Janet Salbert
Who are we to receive the Holy Spirit? We are all broken, unworthy, and unable to love as we should. But this doesn't matter to God, for God gives us abundant love and empowers us throught the Holy Spirit to change -- and to change the world around us -- receiving and giving to others the abundant love of God.
Sunday May 27 "Welcome as Witness"   John 3:1-17  Rev. Denise Childers

How welcoming is our church? 

How welcoming am I to those who are seeking, asking for the first time whether they belong?

Jesus was visited by Nicodemus in the dark of night, suggesting Nicodemus, though searching, was uncertain of God's love in Jesus. Jesus gives him an unequivocal answer: "For God so love you (and the world)..."

We pray we will always be just as encouraging, welcoming, and accepting of all those who ask whether they too belong in God's family.  

Pentecost Sunday, May 20 Pentecost Acts 2 (various) Guest preacher, Rev. Glen Evans
Rev. Evans brings a message about his ministry in Hoduras -- and the persistent presence of the Holy Spirit. 
Sunday May 13 "But You Will Receive Power..." Acts 1:1-8 Rev. Rudy Tucker

Power... for what? To do what? 

To witness, to share the Word, to spread the Good News.


Sunday May 6 "The Holy Spirit is at it Again!"   Acts 10:44-48 Rev. Rudy Tucker
Today's scripture and sermon remind us to always be open to the many ways in which the Spirit is at work in the world. 
Sunday April 29  "A Teachable Moment"  Acts 8:26-40  Rev. Rudy Tucker

The disciple Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to a teachable moment: a chance to tell the story of Jesus and to reveal God's grace to another.

We may never encounter a court official traveling on a wilderness road toward Jerusalem. But we wll have countless chances to extend the grace of Christ to another. We pray that we are open to the Holy Spirit, as Philip was, so we are ever ready to be disciples of Christ to those we meet every day.


Sunday April 22 "Ignite, Unite, and Grow" Matthew 5:13-16 Lucy Jarvis, Vera Bordoh-Ansah, and Verita Bordoh-Ansah

Youth Sunday at Grace UMC

Today, our youth lead Sunday worship. And they bring a powerful message for us all. We need to ignite our faith in Christ, unite our hearts and our efforts with others, and grow as a community of faith that is active and on the move in the world.

Sunday April 15  "Bold Faith"  Acts 3:1-10 Rev. Janet Salbert
The Easter Story continues in the book of Acts, and the Disciples act with faith and with boldness to preach, to teach, and even to perform miracles. All the power of the Holy Spirit that was available to them is available to us today. 
Sunday April 8 "They Did What??"  Acts 4:32-35 Rev. Rudy Tucker
Soon after Jesus' death and resurrection, the disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit, enabling them to continue God's work on earth. And this led them to act in some astonishing, grace-filled ways. We pray for the same grace to serve and witness to others. 
Easter Sunday, April 1  "On to Galilee"   Mark 16:1-8  Rev. Rudy Tucker and Rev. Janet Salbert

Mark tells us the story of the first Easter morning: the tomb, the stone rolled away, a greeting by an angel -- and the women running away in fear and confusion! and then they go and tell -- NO one!

Do they ever really understand the Resurrection? Clearly, a life of faith - for the disciples and for us - is not for the faint of heart. But Jesus had gone on ahead of them to Galilee. And we give thanks that even today, Jesus goes on ahead of us, readying our path to faith and redemption.


2018 "Hear it on the 3rd (Sunday)"


Date  Topic Speaker

Pentecost Sunday

May 20

"For by grace you have been saved..." (Ephesians 2:8)

A moment in the check-out line, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Who could have imagined? Proof that the Holy Spirit is at work everywhere, in each of us.

Dwayne Priest



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